What you need to know about the update show

Welcome to UpdateShow, the newest and hottest show of the year. With update show you can now be assured that all of your gaming questions will be answered as discreetly as possible. In addition with update show you will now be able to learn more about the gaming business all the way from North America to Europe and Asia. The update show will be a live event where you can come and watch your favourite game developers or get the chance to know them if you did not know about them, their works, and their private lives.

The update show will be just like movie premiere in Hollywood, only that in this case your presence will be appreciated because your questions about the industry’s big names will be answered without you having to ask them, as someone will be ready to do that for you. Updateshow is an upcoming gaming show that will premiere on 11/11/2017. The show will be taking place at The Landing in MediaCity United Kingdom. The main purpose of update show is to provide ample space for game developers to exhibit their latest gaming projects, build personal affiliations with other developers/players, network, and discover new opportunities that may benefit them in their career advancement.

The update show platform will be held weekly after its premiere on 11/11/2017. The update show weekly updates will be directly posted on updateshow.co.uk to give developers, players, and other fans that will not have the opportunity of attending the live show a chance to learn what happened during the previous show and what to expect in the near future. We will also be hosting a youtube channel where you can see broadcasts from the show. Please see an example of a video below, this was taken from our last Update Show Event.

With increasing realization that game-as-a-service platform can be utilized profitably, the update show will be the first show of this kind that will give exhibitors and attendees free entrance to the show. To improve the experience of the show, the exhibition will also be hosting talks, an after show party, and tournaments. All these tasks will help to improve the experience of both exhibitors and game lovers.

The updateshow blog will be regularly updated with new information that will be of benefit to millions of people directly or indirectly dependent on this multibillion-dollar industry. Thus, when you want to know what cooking in the gaming industry’s kitchen all you need to do is follow the update show at updateshow.co.uk. Remember we also do sound cloud gaming podcasts check out this one from last years: In case you are wondering where all the action will be taking place please relax. The update show will be taking place at The Landing.’ The Landing is in the heart of media city in the beautiful city of Manchester in England. During the exhibition, you will be able to access all available exhibition spaces between 11am and 7pm as well as access the tournaments and talks. The Lounge bar and Pantry will also be open throughout the day and guests are invited to join the after party show from 7pm.

You can access the two exhibition centres at the time of your choosing. In case you do not have a private means of transport to the venue, do not be afraid because Media City is well served by Metrolink throughout the day.

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